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Pink Himalayan Salt

The Salt on 19th

Dry Salt Spa 

The Art of Tranquility

Pamper Yourself at The Salt on 19th

Join us at 1463 19th Avenue, Mitchell, NE.


Our team is eager to help you achieve

peace of mind in a serene atmosphere

as you breathe in Aerosalted air


enjoy the Pink Himalayan Salted Floor Surrounding you.

Experience our Dry Salt Spa Room,

and browse our selection of

Farmhouse Fresh products

that have been seen in major publications such as

Forbes, People, Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, and more!

Book your appointment today.

Spa Setting

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Hours of Operation


11:00am - 5:00pm

Sunday (1st Sunday of the month)

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Spa and Wellness

Comments & Reviews

See what our Guests have to say....

Tried the Dry Salt Therapy room out for the first time due to a head cold.  One 15 minute session and I could breathe again and the pressure in my face, was gone.  Would HIGHLY recommend this service. 

                                      ~S. Marks

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1463 19th Avenue, Mitchell, NE, USA


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