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This is your comeback kit, starring three supercharged products that work together to clear active blemishes at ultra-fast speed. Gentle enough to use long-term, but powerful enough to transform skin to a smoother, calmer and more balanced state in just a few days (because active blemishes are so last week!).


● 1 qty. 2 oz. Crisp Start® Clarifying Wash
● 1 qty. 0.5 oz. Day Breakthru Day Serum
● 1 qty. 0.5 oz. Midnight Clearing Night Lotion
● 1 qty. 1 oz. Watercress Hydration Cascade® Gelee Moisturizer (trial sample)


Why you’ll love it:

  • Crisp Start®: this light, frothy salicylic acid cleanser is specially formulated with peptides & FHF-grown herbal parsley extract to soothe, clarify, and deeply cleanse.
  • Day Breakthru: this clear, weightless salicylic acid serum is balanced with calming antioxidants to gently (yet effectively) clear up blemishes on the spot.
  • Midnight Clearing: this powerful benzoyl peroxide night lotion lightly moisturizes, reduces the look of redness and provides powerhouse clearing – all in one step.

Comeback Clear Rapid Relief Acne Kit

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